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WFP’s Technical Director Drives Industry Leading Fire & Security Training

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Last Updated on 10 September 2019.

Behind every team of industry-leading engineers is a dedication to learning, driven by an impressive training programme.

And our training programme here at WFP is like no other. Mostly, because it never stops! Every one of our engineers, following their induction training, has a one-on-one day in our purpose-built training room every month to ensure they’re sharpening their skills and keeping up with industry standards.


Applause for WFP’s Technical Director


This is largely thanks to our General Manager at WFP, Barry Leeds, who has recently been appointed Technical Director after 10 years with the company, and more than 30 years in the fire and security industry.

WFP is also a member of the Fire Industry Association (FIA), giving our engineers access to unrivalled training courses and qualifications. This, coupled with WFP’s own in-house training, gives our engineers the knowledge and confidence to look after the life safety systems of hundreds of commercial premises across Essex, London and the South East.


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So many of our engineers say during their training with us “we were never shown this at our old company”. Our back-to-basics training, mixing both theory and practice with our custom-made training room with working alarm system functionality, is what sets us apart from the rest.

Barry Leeds stands by the fact our training “never assumes an engineer has been taught, or worse still, taught correctly”. By being thorough and providing monthly refreshers, our engineers can trust in their ability to provide first-class, reliable engineering every day.

Barry’s appointment to Technical Director is a catalyst for further growth for WFP as we continue to train high-quality engineers and pioneer fire safety education – not just for our staff members, but our customers, too.


What This Means for You


We work with a number of business owners and managers, many of whom came to us after experiencing poor service and engineering after they’d had enough. A consistent theme all of our customers say they experience is the patience and commitment our staff has to teaching them a) what their responsibilities are and b) how to confidently operate their systems.


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All of our maintenance customers are entitled to 24/7 support, saving on the cost of a call-out, but should they need an emergency call-out they can trust that a WFP engineer is going to take the time to help them solve any issues they’re having; and advise on how to avoid it in future.

Plus, because we’re professionals at both fire and security systems, you’ll have an engineer that knows how to work with all of the systems you have in place – all during one visit.

It’s this vision for a seamless customer experience that inspired Founder and Managing Director, Paul Field, to create WFP Fire & Security back in 2003; and what drives WFP Veteran and newly appointed Technical Director, Barry Leeds, to see WFP become one of the UK’s leading fire and security training facilities.


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