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Electrical Installation Condition Reports

To prove your building is safe, you must have regular inspections and testing carried out on your electrical system, and a electrical installation condition report produced detailing any faults found, and whether the system is safe for continued use. This is commonly known as an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) or Fixed Wire Testing.

Your insurers will require evidence of your premises’ safety and compliance, which can only be acquired as part of a EICR by a competent and qualified specialist. 

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A EICR Electrical Installation Condition Report is just one of those things you’ve got to do. But you do get a say in who you get to do this for you. Because our relationships mean as much as the job we do for you, we believe we’re the right fit for the bill.

There are plenty of reasons why you’ve landed on this page today…maybe:

You've just acquired a new premises and realised your Fixed Wire Testing is well overdue

You've had a Fire Risk Assessment which has discovered a breach in electrical safety by not having an up-to-date Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)

You're frustrated about experiencing poor service from your existing electrical providers, and want your tests and inspections carried out by a more reliable team

You're considering switching to another provider as you're approaching your renewal date and are seeking value for money

Or...you've been referred to us after hearing how you can benefit from consolidating your fire, security and electrical servicing with one provider

Since buying our building, WFP have tested and upgraded the building electrics, replaced the old lighting with new LED lights, upgraded all the heaters to modern and more efficient units, and installed a complete Cat 6 data network. I would recommend that anyone needing electrical, fire or security work get in touch with WFP for a personal service and good quality, value for money work.

The 4 Stages of Your Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR):

Check out the steps below to see what’s involved in keeping your premises safe and legally compliant when it comes to your building’s electrical infrastructure:

NICEIC Platinum Promise Gold Badge


Brief & Survey: We’ll listen to your needs to understand your building. We will carry out a building survey if needed and/or work off previous EICR reports to help us understand the circuits you require testing.


Time for Testing: We’ll get you booked in for your inspection at a time and date which suits you. This will be carried out in accordance and compliance with BS 7671 IET Wiring Regulations, so no sweat there!


Your Report: Following your inspection, we’ll issue you with your report. It will be valid until the date your next Fixed Wiring Test is due. If any remedial work is needed, we’ll propose a plan of action for you.



24/7 Aftercare: You’ll have access to our 24/7 support line. That’s right – we’re not just there for you once every 5 years (or whenever your Fixed Wire Test is due) – we’ve always got your back.

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EICR Electrical Installation Condition Report Explained:

Your Fixed Wire Testing is part of your building’s ‘Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)’ and should be carried out by competent specialists (i.e. us!). 

Not to be confused with PAT (Portable Appliance Testing), Fixed Wire Testing looks at your building’s fitted electrical infrastructure whilst PAT looks specifically at what you plug into that electrical infrastructure, i.e. the distribution board not your computer.

Think of your EICR like you’re MOT. Without it, your car’s not road-worthy. You could botch it, but is it really worth it to risk lives?

The frequency of your electrical inspection and testing depends on a number of factors, including the type of building, its occupancy, the dependency on electrical equipment and the type of electrical equipment installed. 

For example, commercial and educational establishments, offices, shops, restaurants, hotels and public houses are all recommended to have Fixed Wire Testing every 5 years

However, cinemas are recommended to have a EICR every 1-3 years, whilst swimming pools, launderettes and petrol stations are recommended to have this every year. Construction sites are even more frequent with the recommendation being every 3 months!

Not sure how often your premises ought to have EICR? This is typically detailed in your risk assessment by a competent specialist, but if you’re not sure, give us a holla and we’ll be happy to help!

Infographic of electrical safety regulations

You Are Advised to Have an EICR When:

There is a change of occupancy

There is a change in the use of the premises

You've had additions or alterations made to the original installation

A noticeable change/increase in the electrical installation has been found

Damage, such as flooding or other environmental influences, are believed to have had an impact on the installation

Your Report Will Tell You:

Any safety risks which need addressing

If there has been any wear and tear, or damage

If any electrical circuits or equipment are overloaded

Messy Wires

Does your electrics cupboard resemble something like this? During your EICR we'll pick up on things like this which can be a big threat to your safety and compliance.

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You can trust that your electrical inspection and report will be in-depth and quality-assured by our in-house Qualifying Supervisor, who is an active member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology.

We’ll then provide a clear and precise report for your records, specifying remedials (if they are, at all, needed) to bring you up to fully charged safety and compliance.

The cost of your EICR is determined by the number of circuits you would like tested. We can work this out by surveying or being provided with pictures of the boards to test. Alternatively, a previous electrical testing report will suffice.

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Basic Compliance

  • Your inspection & testing visit
  • NICEIC certified report
  • Remedials proposal (if needed)
  • Reminder for next testing visit

Prevent Plus

  • Your inspection & testing visit
  • NICEIC certified report
  • Remedials proposal (if needed)
  • Reminder for next testing visit
  • Unlimited consultative support
  • Training session
  • Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

Premier Protection

  • Your inspection & testing visit
  • NICEIC certified report
  • Remedials proposal (if needed)
  • Reminder for next testing visit
  • Unlimited consultative support
  • Training session
  • Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)
  • Thermal Imaging test & report
  • Full-scale report & schematics

The higher the level, the more invasive areas of inspection and Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) is applied.

With your Prevent Plus package, you can get Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) included, equal to the number of circuits tested (e.g. 100 circuits will entitle you to 100 items/articles PAT-tested). Talk about two birds one stone!

Level up from there to the ‘Premier Protection’ package for add-ons like Thermal Imaging and Schematic reports.

Thermal imaging, for example, can be carried out at the same time as an EICR, and is a great tool for detecting faults far in advance with heat detection using a thermal imaging camera. The report from this can allow you to be aware of and/or take preemptive actions to avoid potential faults or hazards. 

With ‘Premier Protection’, you’ll also get a comprehensive report including a schematic drawing of your electrical system, which means any future electrical work will be much easier to scope, and any faults which occur will be easily rectified as you would be able to pinpoint exactly where the electrical feed is coming from.

We Do Electrical Installation Condition Reports For:

At WFP, we understand that no two buildings are the same. Our customer base is pretty diverse and above are some of the biggest commercial sectors we cater to. Here’s a look at the kinds of premises we do EICR for…


Dental Practices



Retail Stores

And many more!

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