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Stay safe with professional fire sprinkler and water mist system installation, servicing, and reliable 24/7 support.

When it comes to fire sprinkler and water mist systems, the installation, servicing and ongoing support are all as important as each other – and as a business, it’s your responsibility to ensure you’re maintaining your full fire alarm system, including your fire sprinklers.

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Your entire fire alarm and safety system is your building’s life safety support – which means you’ll want to make sure you’ve got a reliable team on hand to support you. Well, you’ve found us!

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There are plenty of reasons why you’ve landed on this page today…maybe:

You've just bought, started renting or taken over the management of a premises which has a fire sprinkler or water mist system that needs servicing or maintenance

You've been notified via your insurers, the Fire Brigade or a Fire Risk Assessor that you are in breach of fire safety regulations and need to install a fire sprinkler or water mist system based on the perceived risk in your building

You're frustrated about experiencing poor service from your existing fire sprinkler/water mist maintenance/servicing provider and you’re looking for a reputable provider to take over

You're considering switching to another provider as you're approaching your renewal date and are seeking value for money've been referred to us after hearing how you can benefit from consolidating your fire, security and electrical servicing with one provider

The Steps We'll Take to Install Your Sprinkler/Water Mist System

Here are the steps we’ll take to help you make sure you’re left with an efficient system that will keep you safe and compliant (of course, if you simply want us to maintain your sprinkler system, then we’ll simply need the asset list of sprinkler heads, and depending on the size, a survey would need to be carried out to ascertain your annual subscription costs):


The Fire Risk Assessment: We’ll ask to see your report to see what areas have been highlighted with the recommended solution, and ask you to provide a floor plan of the building so we can use that during the planning and design stage. If you haven’t had an FRA, we can get this sorted for you.



The Survey: Once we know what solution you need, the next job is scoping the job itself. Installing a sprinkler or water mist system is invasive work so we’ll need to make sure our checks are thorough, and take into account all spaces (including voids). Then it’s time to design your system based on our findings.


The Installation: Once you’re happy with the works we’ve proposed, we’ll get to work on installing! Our operatives are Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) registered and LPC 1048 approved, so whether it’s minor works or a large scale job, you can trust our guys know what they’re doing!


Aftercare: Now that the job’s done, we can put a plan in place for regular service inspections. As a contracted customer, you’ll have priority on call-outs as well, and can consolidate your subscription to include all of your fire, security and electrical needs for 24/7 call support available should you need it.

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Sprinklers/Water Mist Systems Explained:

When a fire starts, the most efficient way to prevent it from spreading and extinguish it is to remove the heat by cooling. Water is usually the easiest and most practical way to do this.

A Water Mist System is a fire protection system that produces a fine spray to suppress fires and it’s an alternative to a traditional fire sprinkler which disperses large drops of water.

The beauty of a Water Mist System is that the water will only be dispersed in the area where the fire is detected, and it works by spraying the mist at high pressure to reduce the room temperature.

As the heat level is reduced, the water mist comes into direct contact with the flame and it turns into steam, which removes the oxygen from the fire and extinguishes it.

Sprinklers are activated in exactly the same way (when the room temperature increases to a certain level), but they spray larger drops of water across the room to supress the fire.

Whether you're best suited to a sprinkler or water mist system will be dependent on your building's layout, the materials you house and the perceived risks (identified and outlined in your Fire Risk Assessment).

You've Found Your Trusted Experts...

If you’ve got a sprinkler or water mist system installed, it’s crucial you have regular servicing undertaken to ensure your system remains in efficient working order, and will operate in the moment you need it most.

Our trusted specialists are LPC 1048 approved and will ensure your sprinkler system is taken care of professionally, and in acccordance with the current standards and regulations.

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The All-in-One Safety Solution For Your Building:

Bring all your fire, security, CCTV and electrical needs under one roof with our comprehensive and tailored ‘All-in-One’ service. 

It’s smart and it’s simple! Here’s how you and your business will benefit:

Less Confusion

One number to call and one trusted team, whatever the problem

Time & Energy-Efficient

Get everything sorted together in one swift visit

Less Hassle

Cut out paperwork with just one contract and renewal for everything

Full Protection

Always stay safe and legally compliant too with everything fully covered

Best Value for Money

Monthly payment options and built-in discounts

Free 24/7 Support

Expert advice on the end of the phone, whenever you need it from our excellent Service and Technical teams

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Accredited and Reliable Experts:

Like any super-nerd, we don’t just talk the talk. We’re audited, insured and third-party certified by a number of accreditation bodies in the industry. Check them out here:

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Areas We Cover:

We serve businesses and commercial buildings within Essex, London and the Home Counties, across East Anglia and the South East of England.

Based in Stock in Essex, we’re perfectly poised to help customers in a wide area, from Suffolk and Norfolk to Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and even Central London. 

If you’re a little further afield, try us anyway! You never know where we might go, so get in touch and find out if there’s a chance we could cover your location too. 

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