Fire Safety Designs & Consultations

We know how important fire safety is – it’s what we do.

Taking the worry out of fire safety is essential for more than one reason because it makes your commercial premises a safer place AND ensures you’re legally compliant at the same time.

We know you care about your people – as we all do. And with our BAFE accreditation, years of industry experience, top quality products, and comprehensive training, you’re putting your faith in the right people.

(Please note that these designs and consultations apply across the board for all systems and equipment we install across fire, security, CCTV and electrical divisions. We’re focusing on fire here simply because it has legal and practical life safety impact with particular emphasis on liability, which requires formulaic and thorough consideration.)

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Our clients include:

Our clients

We're Educators & Problem-Solvers, Ready to Help You:

We take safety INCREDIBLY seriously.

We work with retail stores, restaurants, charities, offices, warehouses, schools, and a whole array of commercial premises. Whatever your sector, we’re here to help.

You might’ve landed on us here today, because: 

Your fire alarm system is obsolete, defective or dated, so you need to consider an upgrade but don't know where to start

You're preparing a fire alarm installation tender and want to employ a fire safety specialist to prepare a design and specification for continuity and ease of comparison

You've had a Fire Risk Assessment which has given you a lot of information and recommendations to action

You’ve had a visit from the Fire Brigade who have condemned your premises for fire safety and need an advisory, helping hand

You are building a brand new premises or adding an extension, and want advice on what fire safety boxes you need to tick

Or, you're new to business ownership, being a landlord or the Responsible Person in your building for fire safety/health and safety, and want guidance on what you need to do

The project to replace the entire fire alarm and public address systems had many challenges, the way WFP planned the works and then implemented the program meant that the project ran very smoothly. Any issues that arose during the project were addressed very quickly. Information was communicated concisely and promptly, disruption to the building occupiers was minimal; in fact, people hardly noticed the works!

The 4 Stages of Your Fire Safety Design & Consultation:


The Essential Information: We’ll need to conduct a risk assessment (if not already done so) and obtain other information such as floor plans and insurance requirements.


Brief & Survey: We’ll consult with you to understand your budget, bespoke building requirements and future-proofing needs, and carry out a survey pre-design if required.


Design & Proposal: We’ll get to work on your design and proposal, whereby you can take advantage of unlimited consultation time with our fire safety experts.


Implementation & Aftercare: It’s then time to implement the solution we’ve designed! We’ll advise on warranties, leasing options & ongoing service requirements to suit all needs.

To get started (Step 1), we’ll need from you three essential bits of information to make this as smooth, efficient and compliant as possible:

1) Your Fire Risk Assessment report, which tells us the level of detection we’re working to, i.e. the specification…(don’t have one of these? We can sort you out!)

2) Floor plans of your building, which is what we’ll apply any designs onto, which you can then keep on site for future reference and use for any other building work.

3) Any insurance requirements we’ll need to be aware of to incorporate for you.

Fire Alarm Installation Necessities

Don’t have these? Give us a call anyway and we’ll guide you through it.

The full components of your design and consultation (Step 3) will include:

A full and thorough Visual Survey of all rooms in the building, taking into account voids

Technical Survey (if required), e.g. if cabling deemed insufficient

Radio Signal Strength Test (if opting for a wireless fire alarm system)

BAFE certified design certificate with detailed drawings of your detection plan on your building floor plans

Full report on your current system (it could be that only certain elements need replacing, not the system as a whole)

Liaising with third-parties such as Fire Risk Assessors, other contractors and Responsible Persons, and decision makers to draw up a suitable plan of action

Unlimited consultations and proposal revisions to ensure you're happy with everything proposed, PLUS a leasing option for your installation along with your full cost projection

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Fire Alarm Designs & Consultations Explained:

We often get a phone call that goes a little something like this:

Customer: “Can I get a quote on a new fire alarm?”

WFP: “Sure thing, we’ll just need to see a Fire Risk Assessment and some building plans, and ask a few questions to assist us with how to quote this accurately for you…”

Customer: “Can you just give me a rough estimate?”

But the thing is – we can’t.

Because if we turn up to check out what we’re installing and it turns out the premises is much bigger than we’d been told, everything will be delayed, the cost will go up, and neither of us will be happy.

There’s so many considerations to make; check out some of the questions we look into as part of our design proposal on the right.

What's the integrity of your current electrical infrastructure?

Do you want a wired or wireless alarm system? (E.g. if you recently redecorated, you won't want wired!)

Will the alarm system need monitoring (either key holder only or key holder and Fire Brigade response)?

Are there voids we need to consider for coverage that are hidden from view but pose a fire spreading threat?

Does the installation need to take place during particular days/times so as not to impact normal operations?

What level of detection do you need (i.e. cover everywhere, or just specific areas) - determined by a Fire Risk Assessment

Does the alarm need to integrate with any other systems, such as a Public Address Voice Alarm (PAVA), Fire Doors, Access Control, etc.?

How will the system be taken care of and tested on a weekly basis (in-between service visits)? (I.e. Do we need to factor in training for concierge/office staff?

If We Install, We Write Your Design Fee Off!

Considering everything we’ve explained so far about what goes into a thorough fire alarm design proposal, we decided to offer Fire Safety Designs & Consultations for a fee (this depends on the size and scope of your building).

Now, that fee will simply cover our time and expertise to obtain a full brief on your needs and requirements.

And if you decide to press ahead with us for the installation/implementation of your solution, that fee will be deducted from that cost, so you won’t be out of pocket.

If you decided to get comparisons, you’re at the very least saving time, money and potential headaches of looking at multiple quotations from people who have made their own interpretations of what they think you need. Some may have asked the right questions, surveyed, risk-assessed – others may have not. By presenting them with our proposal and design, you know they’re all quoting from the same playbook.

For us, getting the design right means a simple, straight-forward installation. A straight-forward installation means that servicing and maintaining your system should be a doddle, and you’ll be supported by the best aftercare in the business. 

So, from brief right through to implementation, we’ve got your back.

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Benefit from a 5-Year Warranty:

Once we’ve completed your fire detection and alarm system installation, your (typical) 1-year manufacturer’s warranty will kick in.

However, if you use us for the periodical maintenance of your system (typically required every six months as a legal requirement, but can be required more frequently depending on your Fire Risk Assessment) then WFP will upgrade you to a pretty sweet 5-Year Warranty, which includes parts and labour!

It’s because we’re pretty confident in the quality of equipment we use and our methodology of installation, which is scrupulously project managed and supported by supreme aftercare.

You need to carry out your servicing every six months, so it’s kind of a no-brainer.

WFP Fire Alarm 5 Year Warranty

"Open Protocol" Freedom:

Some alarm system installers operate on a ‘closed protocol’ basis, which means only they can touch the alarm for things like repairs, maintenance and system expansion. 

This can be a trap which people unknowingly fall into, thereby having no choice but to stick with them, even if they weren’t happy with the level of service and wanted to switch providers.

At WFP, customer happiness and quality of service is at the top of our priority list. So, we figured ‘why deceive and lock people in?’ If, after your installation, you want to move on to another maintenance service provider to service your alarm then you can. The vast majority do stick with us but you’re definitely not tied down!

Just another reason to have a sigh of relief when you trust WFP with your life safety system…

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Concerned About False Alarms?

Our fire alarm experts know how detrimental false alarms can be. They can impact revenue, customer satisfaction, as well as create unwanted stress and even a lack of faith in fire alarms.

Of course, it’s important to carry out your weekly testing and also periodical fire drills to make sure your fire alarm is working as it should, everyone knows what it sounds like and also what to do during evacuation proceedings. But, an unplanned false alarm, especially one which leads to a huge building needing to evacuate, is not what you need.

During our design, we’ll go through all the nitty gritties to make sure that false alarms are minimised. Whether that’s reducing the use of call points (or removing them altogether, for example in high-rise buildings), using call point covers, or turning to heat detectors instead of smoke detectors. 

We’ll cover this all off with you, as well as making sure your periodical maintenance will be sorted too, as this is a key part of being able to spot faults which could lead to false alarms. 

Looking for a Payment Plan? Just Ask!

With WFP, there’s no need to sacrifice safety and security if you’re facing budget limitations, or simply want an easier and more cost-effective way of managing your business’s finances.

You can lease your installation, allowing you to spread the upfront cost of that upgrade you hadn’t really planned for….

We even often pay monthly plans via Direct Debit for your ongoing maintenance and servicing subscription with us! You can also choose to freeze your cost, avoiding inflation, by signing up for a 3 or 5 year service contract.  

Keeping your premises safe and legally compliant can seem like a chore, but with us it’s super simple and the crucial checkbox that you’ll never need to sacrifice…

You're in Safe Hands!

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We’re third-party certified for your peace of mind!

That means we’re regulated and inspected so you can trust that you’re getting the support you need from accredited specialists who consistently pass quality checks.

Looking after fire alarms and fire safety equipment is second nature to us. We’re winners of the ‘Fire Protection Service of the Year’ (The Prestige Awards, 2022) accolade, and have been shortlisted for national awards such as the London Construction Awards for our fire alarm installation projects. Plus, we’re a member of the FIA, so you can also trust that our team is thoroughly trained and up-to-date on all industry standards.

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The All-in-One Safety Solution For Your Building:

Bring all your fire, security, CCTV and electrical needs under one roof with our comprehensive and tailored ‘All-in-One’ service. 

It’s smart and it’s simple! Here’s how you and your business will benefit:

Less Confusion

One number to call and one trusted team, whatever the problem

Time & Energy-Efficient

Get everything sorted together in one swift visit

Less Hassle

Cut out paperwork with just one contract and renewal for everything

Full Protection

Always stay safe and legally compliant too with everything fully covered

Best Value for Money

Monthly payment options and built-in discounts

Free 24/7 Support

Expert advice on the end of the phone, whenever you need it from our excellent Service and Technical teams

If you’d like to simplify your systems and reap the benefits, we should talk. Click the button below to send an enquiry and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Accredited and Reliable Experts:

Like any super-nerd, we don’t just talk the talk. We’re audited, insured and third-party certified by a number of accreditation bodies in the industry. Check them out here:

WFP Accreditations

Areas We Cover:

We serve businesses and commercial buildings within Essex, London and the Home Counties, across East Anglia and the South East of England.

Based in Stock in Essex, we’re perfectly poised to help customers in a wide area, from Suffolk and Norfolk to Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and even Central London. 

If you’re a little further afield, try us anyway! You never know where we might go, so get in touch and find out if there’s a chance we could cover your location too. 

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WFP is extremely proud to be the 2022 winner of the London & South East England Prestige Awards’ accolade for “Fire Protection Service of the Year”.

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