WFP's Sustainability Pledge

We're experts at making your life easier when it comes to managing your building.

As your fire, security and electrical experts, we’re dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint – and encouraging as many of you to do so as well!

Have a look down the page to see all the ways we’re working to be greener and reduce both our carbon footprint and the footprints of those who trust us to keep then safe and legally compliant.

Our clients include:

Our clients

Fewer Call-Outs with 24/7 Support

One of the best perks of working with WFP is our dedication to solving problems remotely. 

Instead of sending an engineer in a van off to you, we look to run through diagnostics over the phone with you and talk you through solving the problem (which saves you on costs, reduces carbon emissions, and helps you feel more confident working your alarm systems!) 

If, of course, we still can’t solve it, then will we send an engineer out, which reserves the emergencies for the real emergencies.

This saves our customer base thousands of pounds every month, whilst also saving a ton of fuel and time spent on attending jobs that can be solved with a little technical prowess and patience!

Fewer Visits With Multi-Skilled Engineers

Our engineers are trained to work across fire, intruder and CCTV systems so that you can have a multitude of maintenance services, repairs and installations carried out by the same engineer! 

That’s one labour charge for you and fewer visits to accommodate, plus less vans on the road producing carbon emissions coming out to you, when it can all be done on the same day by the same person! Pretty neat, eh? 

Looking for a maintenance contract that’ll save you in cost and carbon?

Our Team's Going Electric...

Members of the WFP team are transitioning over to electric and hybrid vehicles, including our directors, business development and project managers!

Plans are also underway to move our engineers towards lower and zero emission vehicles over the next two years, so before you know it, WFP will be fully electric!

We Recycle Batteries!

Working on your systems like your fire alarm, emergency lights and intruder alarm often results in the replacement of batteries.

(And we’re not talking about your typical Double As…have you seen the size of batteries which go in your fire alarm panel?!)

As part of our dedication to have greener practices, you can trust that your safety team at WFP recycle all batteries (large and small)!

Need your fire alarm serviced? We’re here to help – the environmentally friendly way!

Extinguishers are Environmentally Disposed

Our extinguisher specialists are dedicated to the safe, continued use of these essential life-saving, fire safety products.

And, like everything, they have a shelf life. We ensure for both our own extinguishers and our customers’ extinguishers, that all expired or redundant firefighting equipment are disposed of both safely and environmentally.

Accuracy of Materials Quoted

An underrated aspect of what we do, but has the potential to have the highest carbon footprint for our business, comes down to materials. This in turn, can be an indirect impact on carbon emissions for our customers.

By dealing with WFP, you can trust you’re dealing with professionals who quote only what you need to be safe and legally compliant, and to ensure the optimised use of your systems – nothing more, nothing less. 

What does that mean for you? Less plastic, packaging and transportation is being used to purchase items which are simply not needed, so you too are having a reduced carbon footprint!

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Risk Management & Efficiency Support

A huge part of what we do comes down to consultative support; not just providing the solution to problems, but offering all of the facts to help our customers make informed decisions.

More and more of the decisions managers and business owners are having to make come down to futureproofing these days, including the likes of installing LED lighting to make cost savings and increase energy efficiency.

As well as being experts in safety and security, we pride ourselves on leading the way to offer risk and efficiency support for all aspects of property management, so you can make wise decisions that’ll help you prepare for tomorrow, whilst making worthwhile savings at the same time!

Installing EV Charging Points

As well as having EV charging points here at WFP HQ, we are also working with our customers to transition them to having EV charging points on their premises, too!

That means they can be on the map as a vehicle charging station, which can earn them money by charging out for their electricity usage, whilst also catering to the increasing growing EV and PHEV driving community – including their customers and employees. 

Considering EV charging at your building? You know what to do!

Areas We Cover:

We serve businesses and commercial buildings within Essex, London and the Home Counties, across East Anglia and the South East of England.

Based in Stock in Essex, we’re perfectly poised to help customers in a wide area, from Suffolk and Norfolk to Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and even Central London. 

If you’re a little further afield, try us anyway! You never know where we might go, so get in touch and find out if there’s a chance we could cover your location too. 

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