Why Choose Us? Your Benefits Explained...

There's some things in life you just have to do, like your fire alarm maintenance. Wouldn't it be great if you could be rewarded for it, too?

Well, lucky you! You’ve come to the right place. 

As a maintenance customer, you’ll enjoy a variety of benefits to help you save time and money, so you can get back to doing what you do best.

Whether you’re a business owner, a site or facilities manager or an electrical contractor, our problem-solving surveyors are here to help you optimise your building’s fire safety strategy.

Scroll down the page to check out all the services we can help you with, or if you know what you need and are ready to get started, hit the button below.

Our clients include:

Our clients

Perk 1: We Can Do It ALL!

Whatever you need help with, you can be sure we’ll listen carefully and give you a bespoke projection and plan that fits your budget, needs and specifications. Choose the fire protection service you’re after (which includes a mixture of both active and passive fire protection) from the selection below for more information:

You’ve got a million and one things to be getting on with. Juggling multiple contractors and providers for your fire, security and electrical needs takes time, money and a lot of unnecessary admin. 

If your intruder alarm starts going off and a CCTV camera kicks the bucket, oh and your extinguishers are due their annual maintenance – all at the same time, as often is the case! – imagine how daft it is to try and rummage to find three different numbers and deal with the inconvenience of three different visits.

Below are a list of the services you can get installed, repairs, upgraded or maintained with us. Don’t see something you need on here? Chances are we do it so just ask!

Fire Alarms
Smoke Vents
Hydrants & Risers
Fire Extinguishers
Sprinkler Systems
Fire Safety Training
Fire Risk Assessments
Evacuation Alert Systems

CCTV Systems
Intruder Alarms
Door Entry Systems
Panic Button Alarms
Contactless Upgrades
Disabled Toilet Alarms
Access Control & Gates
People Counting Systems

PAT Testing
Thermal Testing
Rewiring Projects
Emergency Lights
EV Charging Points
Brand New Fit-Outs
LED Lighting Upgrades
Fixed Wire Testing (EICR)

With us, we’ve got your back for everything. Okay, within reason – we can’t help you win the lottery or shift that lockdown weight. When you trust WFP, your #1 benefits will be having one simple subscription, one number to call, a reduced carbon footprint due to fewer engineer visits and, of course, better value for money.

But, there’s more. Way more. Continue down the page to see what else is in store for you when you become a WFP maintenance customer…

Perk 2: 24-Hour Telephone Support

When it hits the fan and you need help then and there, you need a team of do-ers not faffers.

Our 24/7 telephone support line is there for you whenever you need it. You’ll get through to a helpful team member within seconds (no waiting on hold for ages and speaking to robots!)

This isn’t just a helpline to ask for an emergency call-out, we try as much as possible to help you over the phone to save you the cost of a call-out. We’ll even go on video call for you to guide you through a problem, because we’re not just about support – we want you to learn and feel comfortable in operating your system. This saves our customer base on average £8k a month on call-outs whilst educating and empowering them to be site managing pros!

But don’t worry, if it’s something only a specialist can do or we’ve not been able to sort it remotely then an engineer will be on their way to you sharpish!

Perk 3: Pay Monthly Options and Price Fixes

Looking for ways to budget better? Well, your accounts department is going to love this one.

You can spread the cost of your maintenance subscription for the year across 12 months, paying monthly via direct debit. 

This doesn’t just mean you’ll have less to pay at one time but it’ll mean you’ll never miss a visit or have to consider postponing a service – which could have safety, legal and insurance implications – because of wanting to avoid a bulkier one-time cost. 

PLUS, you can even take it a step further if you’re someone who likes to anticipate your budgets and fix your maintenance price for 3 or 5 years! A super smart way to avoid inflation increases to your subscription.

WFP engineer standing in front of a fire alarm panel with a customer

Perk 4: Warranty Inheritance

Had an alarm system installed recently and worried that switching maintenance providers will invalidate your warranty?

Don’t be! We offer secondary warranties so we’ll honour the existing warranty of a previous installer and service provider so you’re still completely covered as you were under the original warranty. 

That way you’re free to move if you’re not happy with your current fire and security team, without being locked in because you want to keep your warranty active. 

Perk 5: Leasing for No Upfront Installation Costs

As well as paying monthly for your maintenance, if you need a new installation then you can pay monthly for that, too!

There’s a variety of reasons why you might need a new installation; perhaps you’ve got a new premises or your system is aged or obsolete. 

Sometimes this can creep up on you and you suddenly have to find room in your budget to fit a brand new fire or intruder alarm. We’ve seen too many people put off much-needed upgrades because they simply can’t afford the upfront costs. 

That’s why we offer a leasing solution so you can get what you need now without sacrificing your safety and security. 

We’ll discuss the options with you so you can find the right payment plan that suits your budget should the need for a new installation crop up.

Perk 6: Extended Warranties

Another ingenious perk. When you install and maintain a system with us, we’ll extend your warranty from the standard 1-Year manufacturer’s warranty to 3 years for security systems and 5 years for fire alarm systems.

We’re so confident in the parts and products we install for you that we doubt you’ll ever need to rely on your warranty, but because we know you value peace of mind, we’ve put this in place to put you at ease.

So, as well as taking on secondary warranties, should you need to upgrade a system or install a new system because yours has become obsolete, you’ve moved sites or acquired a new premises then you know you can enjoy an extended warranty. 

Just a thank you from your local team for continuing to trust us!

Perk 7: 'Open Protocol' Freedom

Some alarm system installers operate on a ‘closed protocol’ basis, which means only they can touch the alarm for things like repairs, maintenance and system expansion. 

This can be a trap which people unknowingly fall into, thereby having no choice but to stick with them, even if they weren’t happy with the level of service and wanted to switch providers.

At WFP, customer happiness and quality of service is at the top of our priority list. So, we figured ‘why deceive and lock people in?’ If, after your installation, you want to move on to another maintenance service provider to service your alarm then you can. 

The vast majority do stick with us but you’re definitely not tied down!

LCA Fire Safety Solution of the Year 2019 Finalist Logo

Perk 8: Bespoke Spares Packs

Sometimes devices need changing out due to damage, age or wear-and-tear. And if your engineer identifies this during a maintenance or investigative visit, wouldn’t it be so much easier if he could switch it out then and there? 

Well, with a spares pack you can! This is optional with our Basic maintenance package whilst higher level packages include spares up to £500 for you to keep on-site. 

These spares could be detectors or Manual Call Points (MCPs) for your fire alarm system, PIRs for your intruder alarm or cameras for your CCTV system. The parts will be bespoke to your individual systems and preferences. For example, schools sometimes see their call points vandalised so they like to keep a few extra of these to hand!

If a spares pack is of interest then let us know when you get in touch and we’ll build it into your subscription!

Perk 9: Flexible Service Packages

Each of the below packages represents a level of support. It’s simple: the higher the level of protection you choose, the more you’ll get for your money. 

When you enquire, we’ll listen to your needs and offer the best solution whilst taking into account any additional bespoke extras you need to make maintenance with us as smooth and simple for you as possible.

Basic Compliance

Simple compliance with industry standards
  • Statutory maintenance visits
  • Asset list for serviced systems
  • Fire & security log book
  • 24/7 telephone support

Life Saver

The bona fide package for safety & security
  • All in Basic Compliance
  • Call-outs included (labour)
  • Training for weekly tests
  • Zone chart for fire alarm
  • Money-saving spares pack

Flagship Protection

All-inclusive for ultimate peace of mind
  • All in Flagship Protection
  • All parts included for call-outs
  • Monitoring for your alarm(s)
  • Annual fire risk assessment
  • Fire alarm sound level report
  • Alarm cause & effects testing
  • Annual fire marshal training
  • Electrical equipment test (PAT)
  • Fixed Wire Testing/EICR

Perk 10: Refer Us & Get Rewarded!

Without sounding all soppy, we’ve got a pretty solid relationship with our customers and most of them have been with us for yonks.

It seems only fair that we rewarded them when they put in a good word to a friend and recommend us. So, when you sign up with us, we’ll ask you for your feedback continuously to make sure you’re happy with our service. 

Should you a new customer reach out to us mentioning your name then we’ll give you both a referral gift, which can be redeemed as an Amazon voucher, a donation to a charity of your choice or EVEN a credit to your maintenance account with us so you’ll get money off your next visit.

Bonus Perk 10: Epic Customer Care

If the above perks and benefits have told you anything about us, it’s that we put our all into our service and relationship with you.

You deserve to work with a team that’s going to give you honest advice, speedy help in the event of an emergency and a range of benefits that’ll make managing your premises a doddle.

Our engineers are trained in our in-house academy and sent on certified courses by the Fire Industry Association (FIA) so you’re not just getting first-class service from a team that’s vested in your safety and security – we know our stuff, too!

And...we're consistently rated 5 stars!

Not a Perk But a Given...We're Fully Accredited!

We’re third-party certified for your peace of mind.

That means we’re regulated and inspected so you can trust that you’re getting the support you need from accredited specialists who consistently pass quality checks.

Looking after fire alarms and fire safety equipment is second nature to us. We’ve been shortlisted for national awards such as the London Construction Awards for our fire alarm installation projects, and as a member of the FIA, you can also trust that our team is thoroughly trained and up-to-date on all industry standards.

WFP Accreditations

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