Commercial Intruder Alarm Installations

Don’t give criminals a head-start – maximise your safety and strengthen your business with burglar and intruder detection.

Looking for a security solution you can count on? One that’ll deter criminals, protect your premises and provide you with a caboodle of peace of mind? You’ve just found it.

Whether it’s a repair, an upgrade or a fully-fledged bespoke design and installation that you’re after, we’ll give you the right tools to strengthen your business and maximise safety.

You’ll benefit from SSAIB accreditation and a dedicated team of nerdy-but-lovely experts who’ll help you reinforce your building. Hit the orange button to start the conversation or continue to read down the page to learn more about what’s involved in your business’s intruder alarm installation.

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Our clients include:

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Your Security Problem-Solvers Are Here to Help!

Whether you’re looking for better protection against theft or damage, need to get a specific issue fixed, or you just want a little extra peace of mind, our SSAIB-accredited experts will help you protect the business you’ve worked so hard to build. There’s a variety of reasons that could’ve brought you to us today…

Have you moved to new premises and need to meet new insurance requisites?

Are you storing highly sensitive or super-expensive products?

Are you sick of false alarms and a faulty system?

Do you want to improve your systems after a recent break-in?

Are you only looking for supply and commissioning of your new intruder alarm system?

Or...have you had a renovation or extension and need a system review?

WFP came on site to upgrade our existing intruder alarm system...we had an old key-entry intruder alarm system with no monitoring capabilities. Having designed a system to our specific requirements, they worked extremely quickly and efficiently. Once they were finished, they explained how to arm and disable the intruder alarm, and ran a series of tests. We are very happy with the new installation and know we have made the right decision using WFP.

The 4 Stages of Your Intruder Alarm Installation:

Check out the steps below to see what’s involved in setting up your business with a burglar alarm system:


Risk Assessment: Before we can get started we’ll need to know what level of intruder detection (and monitoring) is required. This ‘Grade’ is often stipulated by your insurers.


Brief & Survey: We’ll consult with you to understand your budget, bespoke building requirements and future-proofing needs, and carry out a survey pre-design if required.


Design & Proposal: We’ll get to work on your design using floor plans of your building before presenting you with an installation proposal, including a leasing option if preferred.


On-Hand Support: You’ll benefit from access to our unlimited 24/7 telephone support, plus priority call-outs, all when in a maintenance subscription with us.

Alternatively call:
01277 724 653

"Open Protocol" Freedom:

Some alarm system installers operate on a ‘closed protocol’ basis, which means only they can touch the alarm for things like repairs, maintenance and system expansion. 

This can be a trap which people unknowingly fall into, thereby having no choice but to stick with them, even if they weren’t happy with the level of service and wanted to switch providers.

At WFP, customer happiness and quality of service is at the top of our priority list. So, we figured ‘why deceive and lock people in?’ If, after your installation, you want to move on to another maintenance service provider to service your alarm then you can. The vast majority do stick with us but you’re definitely not tied down!

Just another reason to have a sigh of relief when you trust WFP with your security system…

Looking for a Payment Plan? Just Ask!

With WFP, there’s no need to sacrifice safety and security if you’re facing budget limitations, or simply want an easier and more cost-effective way of managing your business’s finances.

You can lease your installation, allowing you to spread the upfront cost of that upgrade you hadn’t really planned for….

We even often pay monthly plans via Direct Debit for your ongoing maintenance and servicing subscription with us! You can also choose to freeze your cost, avoiding inflation, by signing up for a 3 or 5 year service contract.  

Keeping your premises safe and legally compliant can seem like a chore, but with us it’s super simple and the crucial checkbox that you’ll never need to sacrifice…

Alternatively call:
01277 724 653

Enjoy a 3-Year Warranty:

Once we’ve completed your intruder alarm system installation, your (typical) 1-year manufacturer’s warranty will kick in.

However, if you use us for the periodical maintenance of your system (every year typically, but every six months if monitored with a key holder and/or Police response) then we’ll upgrade you to a 3-Year Warranty, which includes both parts and labour.

It’s because we’re pretty confident in the quality of equipment we use and our methodology of installation, which is scrupulously project managed and supported by supreme aftercare.

It’s kind of a no-brainer and a win-win, which covers your back and keeps you on top of regular servicing to ensure it’s in top working order at all times!

Have You Considered Alarm Monitoring?

Fire alarms are only useful if someone is around to hear them…so if you’re installing a fire detection system, it’s also worth asking yourself if you need to consider fire alarm monitoring.

This is an emergency response whereby you/designated key holders and the Fire Brigade (you can have key holders without the Fire Brigade) will be notified if the alarm goes off. 

This is super handy for overnight when no one is around and if your premises is left vacant for long periods, because if a fire happens then you’ll be able to act quickly to have it put out and save your valuables, because you’ll know about it!

You're in Safe Hands!

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WFP Fire & Security is accredited by the Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board (SSAIB). 

That means we’ve been audited by the leading certification body for security system services and come up trumps. In other words, you can trust us. We’ve got a fair few other accreditations to our name as well, so you can relax knowing full-well that you’ve got a team who knows what they’re doing.

When you choose WFP for your commercial business security solutions, you don’t just benefit from a product you can rely on, but from an ongoing relationship with people who have a vested interest in your security.

Alternatively call:
01277 724 653

The All-in-One Safety Solution For Your Building:

Bring all your fire, security, CCTV and electrical needs under one roof with our comprehensive and tailored ‘All-in-One’ service. 

It’s smart and it’s simple! Here’s how you and your business will benefit:

Less Confusion

One number to call and one trusted team, whatever the problem

Time & Energy-Efficient

Get everything sorted together in one swift visit

Less Hassle

Cut out paperwork with just one contract and renewal for everything

Full Protection

Always stay safe and legally compliant too with everything fully covered

Best Value for Money

Monthly payment options and built-in discounts

Free 24/7 Support

Expert advice on the end of the phone, whenever you need it from our excellent Service and Technical teams

If you’d like to simplify your systems and reap the benefits, we should talk. Click the button below to send an enquiry and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Accredited and Reliable Experts:

Like any super-nerd, we don’t just talk the talk. We’re audited, insured and third-party certified by a number of accreditation bodies in the industry. Check them out here:

WFP Accreditations

Areas We Cover:

We serve businesses and commercial buildings within Essex, London and the Home Counties, across East Anglia and the South East of England.

Based in Stock in Essex, we’re perfectly poised to help customers in a wide area, from Suffolk and Norfolk to Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and even Central London. 

If you’re a little further afield, try us anyway! You never know where we might go, so get in touch and find out if there’s a chance we could cover your location too. 

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