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The Short-Cut That Doesn’t Cut Corners

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Last Updated on 22 February 2019.

This 97-second read is well worth your time if you know who the person responsible for your building is, or if you are the person responsible.

I have almost definitely written to you about your responsibilities before.

But – as I’m sure I’ve also said before – the importance of these duties/responsibilities are significantly understated.

And just to rub salt into the wound, it’s not entirely clear, exactly what is required from you as the responsible person either.


How do you keep yourself, your building and your building’s occupants safe whilst complying with the law?


Read all the legal documents and British Standards relevant to you and your building, then carry out all your responsibilities.

A piece of cake, eh?…

…Not really, it’d take a while.

Now I know you’re very busy and most probably don’t have the time to scour through dozens of pages on a number of official documents picking out your responsibilities that are sporadically positioned within the mass of information.

However, you’ll be pleased to know, it’s not the only way…


We have created a table that has been updated to include your responsibilities for:

  • Fire Systems
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Security/Intruder Systems
  • CCTV Systems

“Where can I find the table?” I hear you say…

At the link below.

It’s in PDF format too, so you can print it off and pin it up with ease!

I hope you found it useful.

Stay safe!

All the best,

Tom Patel
WFP Fire & Security
01277 622 932

PS. If you have carried out all the necessary duties, then you will need to ensure your contractor has done so too. Head over to the link below to find out more about the fire alarm maintenance side of things.


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