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The Benefits of Using One Fire & Security Maintenance Provider

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Last Updated on 9 January 2020.

Running a premises is no easy feat.

There’s a lot of juggling involved and usually a lot of frustration, particularly if you’ve got a number of service providers working for you.

These days, “shopping around” is the norm – you want the best value for the service you get, and many resort to splitting up their services with a number of providers in order to do so. Right?


Consider just how long you spend in administrative time keeping on top of those contracts, renewal dates, who to contact, what the costs are, and not to mention the numerous hours and days you’d have to reserve for engineers to attend your site for service appointments.


You’re actually making life harder for yourself.


Consolidating your fire and security needs into one simple contract with one company saves you time, money and a load of hassle.

So many of our customers have come from using one provider to service their fire extinguishers, another for their fire alarm, another for their intruder alarm, and so on and so forth.



How you will benefit:


1. Financial clarity, better value for money.


You won’t have a number of payments to manage or run the risk of auto-renewing/missing an expired contract. Plus, we offer pay-monthly solutions for our maintenance contracts, as well as the option to fix maintenance contract prices for 3 or 5 years following the first year. Staying safe and legal couldn’t be easier.


2. Easily manageable – one number to call!


When you need help with your fire alarm, you can’t delay faffing around, trying to find the right contact details for the company who services it for you. With only one number to call and one easy contract, and a 24/7 telephone support line, you’ll be taken care of and it’ll be easy to manage, so you can get back to doing what you do best.


3. Time and energy efficient.


By having your fire and security maintenance with just one provider, you can consolidate your visits into just one visit which saves you time instead of accommodating multiple visits, and you’ll be doing the planet a little favour by reducing the number of times our engineers spend driving to you!


4. Stay safe and legal with one expert provider.


Our motto here at WFP is “keeping businesses safe and legal”. It’s our number one priority to educate and inform you about best practices to keep your premises a safe place to be, that’s also compliant with UK Fire Safety Law and your specific insurance requirements. As we work with a number of businesses in various sectors, we understand that no two premises are the same and so you will receive a completely bespoke service based on your needs.


The All-in-One Solution


At WFP, we call this consolidating of services our ‘All-in-One Solution’.

We are BAFE approved to design, install, commission and maintain fire alarm systems, and we’re SSAIB certified to install and maintain security and CCTV systems.

And we can look after all of the following systems for you:

And we also offer Fire Risk Assessments and Fire Safety Training.

We’re your one-stop shop for all things fire and security.


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So, if you’re tired of a poor service or juggling multiple contracts, don’t settle for the headache. Settle for easy business management – keep your fire and security systems maintained and serviced with one trusted company.


Call us to find out more or fill out our form here to request a call back!



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