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Separating Fire Safety Experts from Hustlers

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Last Updated on 17 June 2019.

You’ve worked hard to build your business, so the last thing you need is to fail to protect it.

Although, with a market that’s packed with fire safety experts claiming to offer the best service, it’s hard to separate the experts from the hustlers.

Take one of our recent enquirers (who we’ll name Sheila to conceal her top-secret identity).

Sheila, a café owner, recently had a fire risk assessment carried out on her commercial property. She was told she should take fast action to make sure her building was compliant with fire safety regulations. And, of course, safe.

As anyone would, Sheila panicked and was put under pressure by her landlord to get the job done quickly and affordably.

To make matters worse, her fire risk assessor hadn’t specified the level of cover she needed. That’s basically like asking for a set of curtains but giving no dimensions.


Searching for a Needle in a Haystack


Needle in a haystack


Sheila took to Google in search of her fire alarm knight in shining armour. But she broke a sweat when saw just how many there were. On top of this, without knowing the level of cover she needed, she didn’t even know what to ask for!

Eventually, Sheila managed to whittle it down to five companies and began to call them one-by-one.

One fire alarm installer told her she needed a new extensive system and quoted her their price…

Another told her they needed to do an initial survey, quoting an entirely different price.

So on, and so forth.

And all of these quotes came without knowing those vital dimensions, in other words, the level of cover she needed. What psychic powers these companies must have had!

By the time she called us, well – let’s just say – Sheila was ready to pull her hair out.

Paul, our Managing Director, grasped after about the second sentence into the phone call that Sheila didn’t know who to trust.

Paul took it upon himself to call the fire risk assessor and find out the level of cover Sheila needed.

The diagnosis: an L3 alarm. Success! We’re now on our way to solving Sheila’s problem.

Except, there was still one major dilemma. How could we convince Sheila that we were the right company to do the job? How could we gain her trust?

Instead of trying to sell sceptical Sheila his opinion, Paul gave her one simple solution to finding her fire safety diamond in the rough…


Check out the Google Reviews!


There’s one way to tell that a company offers expert advice, professional customer service and a fair price. It’s not by hearing what THEY have to say but what their CUSTOMERS have to say about them.

Whether it’s a fire alarm or a new set of curtains you’re after, chances are you’re going to pick the brand that has a raving customer base. Not the one that’s supposedly offering the best service but not even the crickets are leaving them Google reviews.

At WFP Fire & Security, we encourage our customers to do the talking for us. So, if you’re like Sheila and you need a new fire alarm but you’re unsure we’re the right call, just pop a search in Google. See what everyone else has to say.

It’s that simple.


No sweet talking, no hustling.


Sheila can go back to feeding her hungry customers, safe in the knowledge that she’s chosen a company that’s been given the thumbs up by a number of people before her.


Be Like Sheila


We’d love to hear your thoughts. If you’ve got a Google account, join the many individuals who’ve shared their star rating and opinion of our fire alarm and security services.


And to learn more about fire safety, take a look at our guide on the 8 steps to undertake before buying a commercial fire alarm. Plus, don’t forget to check out our reviews on Google!



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