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How to Find the Right Fire and Security Company for You

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Last Updated on 12 May 2020.

Why trusting just anyone won’t cut it.

Business owners and managers have a million and one things to think about when running their premises.


There’s rent and equipment leases, utility bills, wages, a whole host of facilities to manage, and not to mention the running of the actual business.

It’s fair to say that things can be pretty hectic even when things are running smoothly under normal circumstances. Throw in a few hurdles, such as contractors and third parties not pulling their weight where they should or proving to be unreliable, and things can get pretty interesting.

When it comes to business management, knowing who you’re trusting with a job is just as important as getting the job done itself.

Take fire alarm maintenance, for instance. In a commercial premises, it’s your legal (and, of course, moral) duty to carry this out as the Responsible Person for your building, but just getting anyone to do it without looking into their level of service, and consistently holding them accountable for that level of service, means you could be opening yourself up to problems such as consistently overpaying or being passed from pillar to post.


Here are the top 3 things we tell everyone to look out for when signing up to a fire and security company:


  • Make sure they are third-party accredited

This means they’re getting audited for their practices. You can ask for certificates, but you can also usually find the company name in the online directory of the certified body. For instance, you can find WFP listed on the BAFE and SSAIB websites.


  • Look at their reviews

What their customers say about them will always trump what they say about themselves. Check out reviews on Google, Trustpilot or other review sites. If there are none, ask for a recommendation, but you might want to ask yourself why you can’t find any.


  • Don’t just compare prices, compare the service level agreements

Many companies often ask for a few different prices to compare providers, usually hoping to settle for the cheapest one. The biggest mistake many make here is looking at the price alone and not stepping back to look at the whole picture. Sometimes a cheap price now only paves the way for false economy down the line. (Think of budget airlines that hook you with returns to Paris for a small fee, which, of course, you snap up, only to realise it’s going to cost you x-amount for luggage, a little bit extra to sit together, and don’t even think about it if you want to buy that bag of nuts on the flight. You might as well have gone first-class!) Look at your service level agreement, factor in their customer service and then make the choice – can you rely on them 24 hours a day to attend a call-out or help you over the phone when you need them? If the answer’s no, ask yourself if you want to be let down in the moment you’ll need their support the most.

Your building’s fire safety and security is the backbone of your business management – it’s what you rely on every day, whether you realise it or not, to keep you safe. So if you’re more interested in reading the reviews on that new TV you want to buy than your fire alarm company, you’ve probably got your priorities in the wrong order.


Here are 10 reasons to choose us to maintain your fire and security systems:


1. Benefit from free, unlimited 24/7 telephone support


WFP Service Desk Staff answering the phone to a customer in front of a computer screen


A helping hand when you need it most…

All of our maintenance customers (not just for fire alarms, but for intruder, CCTV, fire extinguishers, emergency lighting…the list goes on!) benefit from free technical support 24/7, 365! Why pay for a call-out if we can help you remotely? But don’t worry – if you need an emergency attendance, we’ll get an engineer straight out to you.


2. We don’t just fix and leave…


WFP Engineer getting a tool kit out of the van smiling at the camera


Our engineers double-up as your own personal mentor…

Here at WFP, we believe in helping you learn how to use your system and be comfortable with managing it. As well as telephone support, we can also send you videos (or conduct a Facetime) to help guide you through any issues you’re having, which you can use again and again for any staff training.


3. Free Rewards


Woman standing with her arms out in front of a sky filled with balloons


And a touch of community spirit…

With WFP, for every new maintenance sign-up, we donate £25 to the Essex Wildlife Trust. Plus, with our Referral Scheme, you and a friend can enjoy a gift worth £25 each in the form of a donation to a charity of your choice, an Amazon voucher or a credit to your WFP account.


4. Get a handy spares pack for you to keep on site


WFP Engineer working on an external bell box on a building


Work smarter, not harder

A lot of time and money can be saved if your WFP engineer has a spare readily available to quickly switch it out when on site. We offer affordable bespoke spares packs tailored to the system and your individual requirements, so instead of waiting and having the inconvenience of a secondary visit to replace a faulty device, you can simply have your replacement fitted then and there.


5. Take advantage of pay-monthly options


Calculator with stacks of coins next to it


Easy money management…

WFP offers pay monthly solutions, giving you more control over your finances. Fire alarm maintenance is something you’re always going to need, so to make life a little easier for you, the option’s there for you to take advantage of. There’s no extra charges, just your yearly cost divided by 12 months – easy peasy!


6. Tailor your level of cover


The choice is yours…

WFP knows that there’s no ‘one size fits all’ maintenance package, so we’ve created four for you to choose from: Basic, Basic+, Premium and Premium+. The type of package that suits you will depend on the size, scope and needs of your building, plus your own personal preferences. In addition to these packages, we can tailor your needs further – your priorities will always come first! Plus, you can upgrade and downgrade at any time. Please get in touch to find out more about what each maintenance package includes.


7. Your subscription is portable!


Flexible and convenient…

If you move and you’re in the middle of a yearly subscription, you can move it with you. We know that some businesses and commercial premises are likely to have leases or may just fancy moving! Your service agreement is with you, the company. We would simply carry out a survey of the new premises, and if it’s cheaper than the original service level agreement price then you’ll get the different credited to your WFP account.

What’s more, if you do move, we can help you get your new premises in tiptop condition to keep you safe and legal. You can organise a Fire Risk Assessment of your new premises to scope out whether it’s up to British Standards for fire safety.


8. Fix your subscription price for 3 or 5 years


Even better money management…

More and more of our customers are taking advantage of 3- and 5-year subscriptions, giving them even more control of their finances! From a business perspective, it’s reassuring to know the costs you’re facing in the coming years.


9. You’ll stay safe and legal with a five-star rated, BAFE & SSAIB provider




Remember what we said about being third-party accredited those all-important reviews…

WFP is BAFE approved to design, install, commission and maintain fire alarm systems. Plus, we’ve been rated 5 stars by a number of businesses and commercial buildings across the South East; from schools, churches and hotels to shopping centres, offices and factories.


10. We’re also members of the Fire Industry Association (FIA)


Always keeping up with industry standards…

With a membership to the UK’s largest fire protection trade association, you can trust that we’re staying up-to-date with industry standards and continually training our engineers (we also have our own in-house training facility) to ensure we’re offering an outstanding quality of service.

Plus, in 2019 alone, WFP was shortlisted for four awards in fire safety at the London Construction Awards, the Electrical Review Excellence Awards, the Safety & Health Excellence Awards and the Federation of Small Businesses Awards.


11. Fewer false alarms thanks to high-quality engineering


We know you don’t like us just for our charm…

The whole idea of maintenance is that if you’re looking after your system properly with people who have a vested interest in your safety, then you should experience fewer false alarms and faults. Your fire alarm maintenance visit occurs twice a year (unless stipulated otherwise in your Fire Risk Assessment), and in between those visits the aim is that you won’t have reoccurring problems. We’ll always advise if your system is in need of a replacement or upgrade should you need one following any ongoing problems – we’ve got your back!


12. Free premium fire and security log book  


Your guide to staying safe and legal…

It’s not just a log book to record your servicing, it’s your essential handbook for all things fire and security, with hints and tips on how to stay safe and legally compliant. Worth £19.99 and free for every maintenance customer, sent out on an annual basis.


13. Free designs if you need a new system


Because not everything is built to last forever…

If you need a new fire, security or CCTV system installed, as an existing customer we’ll attend to survey and then design your new system for free (worth £2,500).


14. WFP can maintain all of your fire and security products/systems


All-in-One diagram by WFP showing multiple services


Take back control, time and money…

We don’t just do fire alarms! We can look after all of your fire and security solutions, including your fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, intruder alarm, CCTV – and so much more! So, that’s one number to call for all of your fire and security needs! Plus, it’ll be time, money and energy efficient dealing with one company instead of several to sort out your various products and systems.

Feel free to get in touch by phone or email if you’d like to hear more about any of the above.


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