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WFP Team at FSB Awards

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Last Updated on 22 February 2019.

Its all about you

What impact does the Employer of the Year 2018 award have on you, as the client?

If I told you that we have just won an award for Employer of the Year 2018, then you would quite rightly say, great to hear but what does that mean to me?

…Much more than you realise

Allow me to explain…

If our team feel valued and appreciated then it proves that they made the right choice to work at WFP and everyone is happier when they feel justified in making the right decision.

So there it is, a happier team, is that enough for you to justify choosing WFP?

…I didn’t think so.

When you think about it, if you feel happy and secure then everyone you meet can read your body language and basks in your reflected glow, so imagine you’re a client, what kind of service do you expect to receive from a confident and happy person?

Is the award about you, or about WFP?

In reality, they are the same thing and for you, that’s the main point. The service that you receive is everything.

Whatever product or service you need, there’s a high chance that you’ll have a choice between a number of suppliers. They could all potentially deliver the same thing, so how are you supposed to choose between them?

I would bet my left boot that you’ll choose the one that you like, but why?

Are they Professional like you?

Are they trained and competent?

Do you feel you receive value?

Do you like the person or company you dealt with?

All of these are genuine reasons to choose one company over another, but inevitably, you will not know whether you’ve made the right decision until you receive the service.

Having said that, one of, if not the most important part of any business is the people that make it, because these are the guys and gals that you will end up dealing with day in, day out.

And if you end up with an unhelpful, uninterested team member on the other end of the phone, then you will end up with more grief and will waste more of your time doing the stuff that this team could quite easily help you with.

The way WFP has gone about tackling this is to ensure that the team is filled with the right people, with the right attitude and then trained and developed to a high standard.

All within the healthy and happy environment that we call ‘The WFP Towers’.

Your Award

So when we collected the award for Employer of the Year 2018 from the FSB, it was all about you.

Only happy people can deliver a great service and I’ll bet my other boot that’s what you want and deserve.

As a final point, I will leave you with this quote from Sir Richard Branson who really understands the importance of looking after a team and whos values align well with my own.

‘Look after your Team, and they will look after your Customers.’Sir Richard Branson

Paul Field
Head of Being Proud
WFP Fire & Security
Employer of the Year 2018

PS. If you know someone who would benefit from the award-winning service that our happy and proud team can offer, then you know what to do… 01277 724 653

PPS. Here’s the link to the Employer of the Year 2018 interview video:

Click here to watch the video

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