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An Hour Makes All the Difference

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Last Updated on 17 June 2019.

Times are a-changin’!

That means your bi-annual admin task has reared its head again.

The clocks are due to go back, marking the end of British Summer Time and the return of Greenwich Mean Time.

As well as an extra hour’s lie-in this Sunday, you’ll also have to remember to change the time displays on your business’s alarm system.

Whoever the responsible person is for your commercial property – be it yourself, an office manager or caretaker – they need to ensure that the new time is set on your fire alarm system.

It’s a good idea to change it on your intruder alarm system as well, whilst you’re at it!

We’re so used to our iPhones updating automatically that we sometimes forget to update our manual systems.


Because we’re not all Time Lords…


Take a look at our easy how-to video by our trusted engineer, Paul, to find out how to change the time displayed on your fire alarm system.


It takes just 30 seconds!


If you’re due a maintenance check, then it’s likely one of our engineer’s will spot the incorrect time and amend this for you.

But if you’ve still got a while until your next check, or you’ve just had one, then you – or your assigned responsible person – will need to this.


If you do forget…there will be consequences!


Namely that if the time is incorrect then any automatic programming will start late.

Plus, if you have any incidents that require investigation, the time will be wrong in the event log.

So, 30 seconds twice a year (when the clocks go forward in spring and back in autumn) will be sure to save a lot of bother in the long-run.

It’s really not worth the headache if you put it off.


Change your alarm first and your Rolex later


Rolex watch on a wrist in black and white


It’s not your old Grandfather clock that you know is wrong, but everyone knows that and it’s really only there for sentimental value so there’s no point changing it…

Or the fancy watch you’re wearing that’s got the wrong time and a dead battery, but it’s just for show so it doesn’t really matter.

It’s your business’s fire or security systems!

You know…the measures you put in place to protect your commercial property and the people inside it?

Don’t let laziness or procrastination get the better of you.


Because, in all seriousness, an hour can make all the difference.  


Plus there’s no point taking the time, effort, and money finding a trusted team to install and maintain your fire or security system if you’re going to let yourself down on the smaller details.

Here’s the how-to video on changing the time on your fire alarm system display.

All systems operate similarly, so don’t panic if your system and display is different to the one shown in the video.


If you’re still having an issue changing the time then pick up the phone and we’ll be happy to guide you through the process – 01277 724 653.


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