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A Golden Nugget In The Heart of Essex…

Essex Wildlife Trust

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Last Updated on 19 February 2024.

We’ve supported the Essex Wildlife Trust for many years now and we’re proud to take the next step in our work together by becoming Gold Corporate Members! 

Essex Wildlife Trust (EWT) do extraordinary work protecting wildlife through landscape conservation, education on nature reserves and discovery centres.

They really are a golden nugget in the heart of Essex – that’s a golden nugget in both senses, in the work they do and, in the information and education they provide.

Caring for Wildlife since 1959

With 38,000 members (of which we’re proud to be one!) and 1900 volunteers, they’ve been caring for wildlife since 1959.

Essex Wildlife Trust

Our office is based in a rural location, which means we’re privileged to have beautiful woodland surroundings in every direction, bursting with birdsong, squirrels, and roaming deer.

A lunchtime walk is always a great use of time here!

We’re based not far from EWT’s Hanningfield Reservoir site and as a Gold Member, we have the benefit of using their wonderful space for team meetings.

Paul Field, Managing Director, said:
“I use EWT sites for mountain biking and long dog walks and I know just how incredible the work they do for the local wildlife is.

“I often see teams of volunteers coppicing the woods and making the most of our natural environment and we’re delighted to support them in whatever way we can.”

While at our last meeting, Karen Dixon, Corporate Coordinator at Essex Wildlife Trust, told us that the reason we feel so good when we take a walk in the woods is because trees emit a chemical called phytoncides, which boost our white blood cells and that, in turn, can boost our immune, hormonal and nervous systems!

Just remember not to get lost and you’ll be grand!

We’re excited to continue our relationship with EWT in 2024 and make the most of our Gold Membership as we work together to raise awareness, look after, and enjoy the best of Essex’s wildlife.

We love our association with the Essex Wildlife Trust, and we know just how worthwhile it is for our business and our people – their leadership on environmental matters is nothing short of inspirational.

If you’re in Essex and you’d like to sign up with the Essex Wildlife Trust, simply email either Grant ( or Karen ( to arrange a time to pop along and see you to explain how businesses and organisations supporting nature can make a real difference!


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