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#6 The Radical Issue: Shaking Up Energy Savings & Sustainability with a Radical Solution

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Last Updated on 3 November 2022.

Welcome to the sixth issue of ‘Future Proofed’! How was your Halloween? 🎃

This week’s theme is radicalism. (Not the political kind, I think we’ve had enough of that for now.)

So, what’s radical? You ask…Well, good question!

Not enough commercial premises owners and managers have figured out the way to save £££s yet…

Energy bills are getting us a little bit doom and gloom at the moment. But we’ve got some news that’ll shed a little (no, a lot of!) light on that for you.

And the way of the moment is LED lighting! 💡

We’re upgrading the lighting for so many of our customers right now, but amazingly so many hadn’t even considered it as a savings option before we’d mentioned it.

From schools to retail warehouses, we’ve had site managers scratching their head at us until they hear about how one warehouse customer of ours went from energy bills of £9k a year to a £5k cost projection, and then we see their eyes widen like they’ve found the leprechaun at the end of the rainbow.

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It doesn’t end there. When we then tell people they can avoid an upfront cost by opting to lease the installation, and pay monthly instead, we know we’ve said something truly radical.

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Ricky and I did a video explaining the savings and time it takes to see a Return on Investment 💷:

These savings will depend on your building size, the number of lights and the reliance on that electricity to power them.

Check out our article on the top 10 reasons to transition to LED lighting here:

For example, our Electrical Manager Ricky Howell EngTech TMIET explained to our warehouse customer that if they used sensors on their lights as well, they’d save even more as the lights wouldn’t stay on when an aisle wasn’t been used. If they wanted to be even savvier, they could put their best-selling items down the same isle so only that was frequented!


If you’re not sure where to start, then the best place to begin is by working out what you would save.

You lose nothing for knowing and you can use that to help you forecast your budget for 2023.

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This consultative approach can be a bit alien in this market, and people we’ve not worked with before can be a little taken aback by our strict no BS approach to safety, compliance and futureproofing.

There are no catches, just facts and solutions. What’s next is your choice, and we’re here to support you so you’re making well-informed decisions that’ll reap you the most in the long-run.

Another “radical” method that, to us, really ought be the rule and not the exception.

In other news…

We’re delighted to announce that our own Ricky Howell EngTech TMIET has been shortlisted for ‘Electrician of the Year’ at this year’s On The Tools Awards 2022!

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Stay tuned for the antics of the award’s ceremony later this November!

Learn more about Ricky’s journey and how he bagged this finalist position here >>

And because our next newsletter won’t be posted until after one of the most important days in our calendar this November (which means a lot particularly to our Founder, Paul Field – Award-Winner, Fire Security Electrical with his early start in the Armed Forces), we join with you all in saying…

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Have a great week everyone, and we’ll be back soon with more ways to stay ‘Future Proofed’ 👍😉

Powering down for now,

Verity Stone Author of ‘Future Proofed’ | Head of Communications for ‘Fire Protection Service of the Year’ 2022, WFP Fire, Security & Electrical 🔥🔒⚡️

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