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Maria McDonough

WFP came on site recently to upgrade our existing intruder alarm system for our building after contact with our current maintainer confirmed they were closed due to the virus.

We had an old key entry intruder alarm system with no monitoring capabilities, which was still working well, however with the Covid lockdown in place and our staff working from home, we decided we needed the ability to have access to the intruder alarm remotely.  Rather than being called out during the lockdown period, we would be able to be notified of any alarm condition and re-set, set and disarm the alarm from an app.

Having designed a system to our specific requirements, the engineers turned up on time and with everything they required to do the job. They worked extremely quickly and efficiently observing the correct social distancing guidelines. Once they were finished, they explained how to arm and disable the intruder alarm and ran a series of tests.

Everything worked as it should, explanations given were helpful and precise. We are very happy with the new installation and know we have made the right decision using WFP. We would highly recommend their services.