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New Avigilon Appearance Search

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Last Updated on 11 February 2019.

The all new Avigilon Appearance Search is the surveillance way forward.
Imagine, losing your child in a busy shopping centre! If only the shopping centre had great CCTV that could find them for you…
Well the all New Avigilon Appearance Search can track people through buildings and you’ll be re-united in minutes

What is the New Avigilon Appearance Search?

“Avigilon’s new video analytics technology is a sophisticated search engine that can
automatically locate persons, vehicles and objects of interest”

What’s the fuss all about I hear you say? Well… there is a cool, shiny new system from Avigilon that uses their newest video analytics technology to sort through hours of footage with ease, to quickly locate people, vehicles and objects of interest across an entire site.

The system is able to recognise individuals, and bring up all footage that the person is in or has been in meaning you can follow where anyone has been and where they are currently.

Avigilon Appearance Search is Avigilon’s newest video analytics technology, that automatically analyzes video data from multiple sources to quickly locate people, vehicles and objects of interest. Avigilon Appearance Search has been designed for Avigilon’s complete line of video analytics solutions, and for existing customers to upgrade certain legacy products to benefit from this exciting new technology.

The Avigilon Appearance Search is on track to be available later on in 2016

Benefits of the Avigilon Appearance Search

  1. Quick data sorting
  2. Recognise individuals, vehicles and objects
  3. Track individuals, vehicles and objects
  4. Review footage with high quality playback

What this means to you?

  1. By sorting through data quickly, you are able to find past footage at a certain time almost instantly, therefore, making problem resolution much more efficient.
  2. By recognising people, vehicles and objects you will be able to comb through large amounts of data at high speeds and with highly accurate outcomes.
  3. By tracking people, vehicles and objects you are able to see where anyone or anything has been and is currently, which will benefit you in situations where an instant response is essential.
  4. With high-quality playback, you are able to look at past footage with minimal loss of quality meaning that footage will be eligible for use in court and will be more helpful in resolving surveillance issues.


If you would like to read a little more about Commercial CCTV systems and how you could get the most out of yours, head over to the link above for more information.


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