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8 Reasons Why Avigilon is the Best CCTV Camera for Your Business

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Last Updated on 26 February 2021.

If you’re looking for a CCTV solution for your business, look no further than Avigilon.

This manufacturer of CCTV is one of our go-to choices for our customers in the commercial sector looking for a customisable, sophisticated and durable solution.

We’ve seen, recommended and installed Avigilon CCTV camera systems across a broad range of premises, from stadiums, shopping centres and car parks to schools, factories and warehouses. Here are 8 reasons why Avigilon is the best CCTV camera system for your business.

Key Topics Covered In This Article

1 – It offers multi-dimensional views2 – Get the data you need and fast
3 – Avigilon has an incredible search function4 – It can be a tactical marketing tool
5 – Avigilon cameras can be trained to detect unusual events and motions6 – This CCTV solution can help with COVID-19 management
7 – Avigilon complies with GDPR5 – It’s a future-proof investment

1 – It offers multi-dimensional views

Avigilon can take one screenshot and give you a panoramic with views from multiple angles, as well as optical zooming in and out to really get the full picture on a situation you’re looking back on.

2 – Get the data you need and fast

This technology has a really advanced search capability to find what you’re looking for and fast. The fact that it’s so fast is a huge advantage, for example if you’re dealing with a live case of a robbery or a lost person in a shopping centre, and also to get the proof you need and fast for any insurance claims.

3 – Avigilon has an incredible search function

The future of CCTV and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is really incredible, and Avigilon are always ahead of the curve. They call this ‘Avigilon Appearance Search’.

You can really drill down what you’re looking for, for example by telling it you’re looking for a particular colour on a person, of a particular height, carrying a particular sized bag. That’s really not giving it the justice it deserves, because it can even take into account minute details down to facial analytics to read facial expressions.

4 – It can be a tactical marketing tool

Drawing from the above point about reading facial expressions…imagine what you could do with the information that tells you, using CCTV analytics, where the most footfall is in your department store during different times in the day, for how long, what their facial expressions were when they approached certain areas and what drew them away…

This could be a tremendous marketing tool to help you put the best-selling and most interacted-with products right in front of customers at the right place and at the right time, and Avigilon’s sophisticated and advanced technology is the best suited to this.

5 – Avigilon cameras can be trained to detect unusual events and motions

CCTV is not just about record and replay anymore. There’s genius to it these days and it’s only getting better.

These cameras are intelligent and can learn movements, processing information which tells them what’s normal and not-so-normal over a period of time. So, if the camera, for instance, is used to seeing an empty car park late at night, then it’ll know that’s what a normal environment is. If it then, one night, sees unusual movement it’s not used to seeing, or a car (which number plate it doesn’t recognise) then it can raise an alert (if connected to a system which enables this) to initiate human investigation. This is what Avigilon refers to as Unusual Motion Detection (UMD) technology and Self-Learning Video Analytics.

6 – This CCTV solution can help with COVID-19 Management

The world has turned upside down in 2020, and in many ways has changed health and safety in the workplace forever. CCTV and access control innovations are coming to the fore more now as a tool to enable and manage safe social distancing, occupancy counting and detecting high temperatures.

From thermal camera solutions to identify and trace people with an elevated temperature (a primary symptom of Coronavirus) to CCTV and linked systems initiating an audible warming for social distancing breaches (or when someone isn’t wearing a mask!), this is just the start of a whole new spectrum of options for commercial building management.

The benefit, of course, will be immense, working to protect both employees and customers, from spreading the virus and allowing everyone to integrate as safely as possible. Our businesses will have to adapt in the future, and Avigilon is just one of the ways you can make the switch to help you both survive and thrive.  

7 – Avigilon complies with GDPR

Avigilon complies with GDPR! So, no trouble there. All user actions are logged with tiered access and user password protection. Plus it can remove recorded data after a specific period of time, so you’re not holding any personal data (which video footage of a person is) unnecessarily. You should also bear in mind that it’s important to advise people (usually with a sign/notice) that they are being filmed by CCTV in a clear way.

8 – It’s a future-proof investment

There’s no limit to the number of cameras you can add to this system, so you can tailor it just the way you want it. You’ll get exceptional high-definition video quality and no buffering time, so you get the information you need and fast, so you can act swiftly. You can even get cameras which can see clearly in the dark using thermal technology, so whatever your business type and need, you’re sure to find that an Avigilon CCTV system will elevate your operations and be the tool you’ll come to find you can’t live without.

Avigilon also has a brilliant lifespan (but make sure to keep it well-maintained!) and there’s no recurring licence fees, so your software is consistently up-to-date, meaning in years to come you’ll still have a fast, efficient and durable CCTV system.

You’d be surprised how many premises settle for poor quality images, when a primary need is to be able to see crisp, clear footage – for example, of number plates – which means the technology they’ve implemented creates more hassle and is a complete false economy.

So, as you can see, this kind of CCTV offers more than just surveillance. It’s your own personal Terminator that can act as a guard, marketing tool, data analyst and more.

Want help with your business’s CCTV system? Whether you’re looking to upgrade to a smarter system or you’re completely new to having CCTV and want advice for your premises, we’re here to help!

In the wake of Coronavirus, lots of businesses are seeking new CCTV solutions to help manage their premises when they’re not there. And if you’re worried about up-front costs, you should know that there are leasing options available so you can pay monthly for the system! Talk to us if you’d like more information or support.

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